35 Singapore Apps To Make Life in Singapore Easy

The Latest, Greatest Apps for Singapore ⭐️ All 35 of Them

Are you looking for the latest and greatest Singapore Apps to use?

Thankfully when you first arrive in Singapore, some of the most trusted and universally used apps such as Google, Apple Maps, Facebook, WhatsApp and Spotify are all going to be working just fine.

No VPNs are required to use your most loved apps from home.

However, when using the app store in Singapore, you’ll notice a unique ecosystem of apps designed specifically for life on the island.

Helpful Singapore Apps

We’re here to breakdown the most popular and helpful Singapore apps to make life a little easier on the Little Red Dot.

Ride-SharingPublic TransportFlights

Singapore Apps: Ride-Sharing

While most of the ‘standard’ apps are working, sadly Uber is not.

Competitor Grab bought out the popular ride-sharing app Uber.

Need a ride in Singapore? Your three options are:


During 2017 getting an Uber or Grab was unbelievably cheap as the two companies battled one and other for dominance in Singapore.

After Grab purchased Uber in Singapore, it became the new sheriff in town with a whopping 60% market share and a cool $10 billion valuation (2019).

Since then Grab has moved into food, parcel and grocery delivery.

All the features Grab has debatably made it the handiest app to keep in your phone while in Singapore.

Don’t have a credit card?

No problem you can still order taxi’s and ride-sharing cars and select ‘cash payment’ before ordering.

Download the Grab App on Apple or Google today.

Grap: Singapore App

More ride-sharing

Your next best option for ride-sharing in Singapore is the Singapore app Ryde.

While you can still hire a taxi-like service, Ryde focused on carpooling to help passengers share the cost of trips.

Another 2 options are Gojek and Tada.

Each app has different availability of drivers and price estimates, so it’s not a bad idea to have at least 2 ride-sharing apps downloaded and ready to go for when you’re out and about.

Your third and final option for getting a ride in Singapore is with the ComfortDelGro app.

ComfortDelGro is the official app, two large taxi companies Comfort and CityCab.

ComfortDelGro is the least appealing option as Taxi’s charge a ‘pick-up’ fee, but don’t dismiss it right away!

Ryde: Singapore App

Singapore’s Taxi drivers are doing this as a full-time job.

This means they’re professional, know the streets like the back of their hand and more likely to be available than the ride-sharing services.

Are you learning Chinese?

If you spark up a conversation in Mandarin with your diver, they’ll most likely share their life story with you and give you an abundance of insider knowledge on Singapore.

Pro tip: When it rains, it pours in Singapore, and insurance premiums go up for Taxi drivers. Plus every man and his dog is trying to get a taxi if it’s raining and it’s the end of the workday.

Our recommendation is to take the bus or the metro when it starts raining.

Singapore Apps: Public Transport

Before getting on any bus or train in Singapore, you’ll need an EZ-Link card, and like most things in life, there’s an app for that.

Download the EZ-Link app to start swiping on and off public transport, track your spending and even get notified to get discounts.

While the Singapore metro is pretty straight forward, you’ll find no better app than the Explore Singapore MRT Map App.

This simple app not only gives you an overview of all the stations but will also give you the optimal route to your destination a very accurate estimation of travel time.

Singapore’s MRT is excellent, but for any destinations where an MRT line might be lacking, there’s sure to be a bus.

Buses in Singapore like the MRT system are clean, quick, air-conditioned and best of all SUPER cheap.

If you need a bus, check out the bus@sg app or SGBuses and you’ll be on your way in no time. Best of all if you’re waiting for a bus they can give a pretty accurate ETA.

If you’re unsure of your which form of transportation to take you’ll always have old faithful app maps, google maps, city mapper and GoThere.

Each of them is more or less the same in functionality, giving you your options and estimated travel time for walking, cycling, driving, and public transport.

Give all three a test run and see which one you like the most.

I like Apple maps for its simplicity, but it can get a bit glitchy when surrounded by a lot of high-rise buildings, so keep the other Singapore map apps handy.

bus@sg App
Bus@sg App

Want to learn how to say all the different types of transportation in Chinese?

If you find yourself without a sim card or wifi, TripAdvisor‘s app allows you to download all your maps ahead of time called Singapore City Guide.

A pre-downloaded TripAdvisor Map is a foolproof way to make sure you’re never without a plan in Singapore.

Bonus Singapore Apps: MyTransport Singapore, Singapore Checkpoint Traffic and SG Traffic News will give you a guide to all the bus routes, taxi stands, parking lot availability and even live traffic updates.

Singapore Apps: Flights

Have friends arriving at Changi airport?

Make sure you have the iChangi App to have live arrival and departure information in the palm of your hand.

Check out our Singapore Hacks blog for more content on making life in Singapore a bit easier.

Singapore Apps: Driving

Apple and Google maps work just fine in Singapore.

However, if you talk to anyone with a car, they’ll tell you that the Waze is a must-have navigation app as it is linked with Singapore’s traffic conditions and offer alternative routes around traffic jams.

BONUS: Now offering Waze carpool!

Singapore Apps: Food

Looking for something to eat in Singapore? These Singapore apps will have you fed in no time.

As highlighted above, the Grab App is a pretty powerful ride-sharing app that now has another app GrabFood.

Similar to ride-sharing they’re dominating food delivery, it’s pretty easy to tell just by looking at the number of grab bikes on the road delivering meals.

Followed by GrabFood, your next best option will be Deliveroo or Foodpanda.

Be sure to download both apps to get the best deals when ordering.

Wanting to wine and dine? You’ll need either Chope or Burpple to search all the restaurants for dine-in inexperience.

Alternatively, if you know where you want to go, most restaurants allow books via google reservation or a good old fashioned phone call.

Deliveroo App
Deliveroo App

Singapore Weather

Everyone with an iPhone is familiar with Apple’s weather app. For the average Joe living in a place with predictable weather that app is going to work just fine.

HOWEVER, Singapore’s climate, in particular, rainfall can be very hit and miss.

Sometimes you can see a storm in the distance but standing in the sunshine. Additionally, while you might think Singapore is all sunshine and rainbows (it mostly is), you might sometimes find yourself in a smokey haze from farmers doing back-burning in Malaysia.

So when you need reliable data showing you upcoming rainfall in your area in Singapore or are a bit suspicious of air quality when you look out the window, you’re going to want the Weather@SG app, MyENV and SG Air.


Singapore Shopping Apps

For all your shopping needs such as electronics, fashion, food and more the biggest distributors in Singapore are Shopee and Lazada.

However, don’t just go to the leading Singapore apps for the sake of it. There is also a robust second-hand market going on Carousell!

Zalora is the leading online fashion store in Singapore, so be sure to check out when looking to scratch your fashion itch online.

If you’re after your groceries, you’ll have to turn to the supermarket shopping apps such as Lazadia-Redmart, Giant Online, Cold Storage Online or Fairprice.

Bonus Popular Shopping Apps in Singapore: Gumtree SG, Amazon and Qoo10.

Lazada Shop
Lazada Shop

Singapore Entertainment Apps

Culture Trip was designed to the visitors of Singapore but has turned into quite an informative guide for everyone in Singapore such as shopping, culture, food and even beauty.

Want to see a movie in Singapore?

Then there’s no getting past Popcorn, Singapore’s go-to movie bookings app. Inside you can search the film, you want to watch or see what’s playing close by.

Either way, the Singapore App Popcorn has you covered.

Singapore News Apps

Want all of the latest news coming out of Singapore?

The Straits Times is an English newspaper that’s been operating since 1845!

Thankfully they’ve kept up with the times and have their news available via their Straits Times App.

Other options Singapore news as well as information from Asia and worldwide are:

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Singapore Apps – FAQ’s

What are some good food apps in Singapore?

For food delivery in Singapore, you’ll want the grab, Deliveroo or FoodPanda.

For dining out be sure to download Chope or Burpple

Which food delivery app is best Singapore?

The best food delivery app in terms of options is Deliveroo with a whopping 4500 restaurants in its network.

Delivery times will vary with supply and demand and are pretty consistent amongst the food delivery services

How to use grab driver app in Singapore?

All you’ll need is a phone number to sign up and start using the grab app.

You will only be able to use the ‘cash’ option when booking taxi’s and will need to give it your credit card for all other features.

Which dating app is the best in Singapore?

Finding the best dating app is like finding the best shirt, it really depends on the person and what you’re after.

Tinder remains a staple dating app in Singapore followed by apps like Hinge, OkCupid, Bumble, Happn, Coffee Meets Bagel and Blindfold.

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