At LTL Mandarin School in Singapore we provide you two types of Homestay and three types of apartment giving you maximum choice.

  • Standard Homestay – Live with a Chinese family in Singapore and get to grips with incredible home cooked food, all whilst speaking Mandarin 24/7.
  • Teach English Homestay50% cheaper than the standard homestay with the requirement of teaching English to a family member of the homestay. All other benefits are the same

Apartments in Singapore – These come in three types. The most basic will involve you sharing a bathroom with locals, with our Standard Shared option. For a bit more privacy, plump for our en-suite option where you have your very own bathroom, or for maximum privacy our studio apartments.

Homestay or Apartment in Singapore?

Homestay: Two Types – Standard Homestay or Teach-English Homestay? You decide, both provide equally wonderful experiences. Save 50% by teaching English.

Apartment: Three Types – Enjoy excellent budget choices with our Standard Shared Apartments or for more privacy choose our En-Suite or Studio Apartments.

Full Support For You

Our Team – Our team is extensive and growing, and guess what? We are all experts. Please ask us anything you need and we will help get your answer, as fast as possible!

All Inclusive – There are never any hidden fees or added extras. WiFi, bills and heating IS all included to make everything that bit easier for you when booking your trip.



Standard Singapore Homestay

Throughout all of our LTL locations roughly 80% of our students choose to stay with a Chinese host family. There is a reason for that, it’s because it really works, your Chinese really improves, fast.

Imagine after your lesson going out and speaking your native language every night, what happens to the things you learnt that day? Now imagine going to spend a few evenings with a Chinese family, who speak no English. Not rocket science, right?!

Teach English Homestay

We want everyone to be able to appreciate the quality of our homestays so our Teach English option is a brilliant way to do this, for half the price. Everything is the same except one element.

You will teach English to a family member for 6 hours a week. No TEFL is required, you don’t even need to be a native speaker, we just need to know you have a solid grasp of English. You’ll teach any family member using materials of their choosing and hey presto, it’s 50% off!

Key Differences

1 – Teaching English. With the standard homestay the families do not speak English, and have no genuine desire to do so. On the flip side, the Teach English families have at least one family member who wants to speak English, and wants you to teach them.

2 – Half Price. A great discount for a great product but with that comes with time. You lose 6 hours a week of potential Chinese study, time exploring the city, but in return you get a fantastic price. The schedule of teaching, you will discuss with your family.

3 – Distance to LTL. The Teach English families can be a lot harder to find, and because of this we sometimes have to widen our range a bit further, so the distance to school with a Teach English family might be further away from LTL.



Below is a list of all prices for all five types of accommodation in Singapore we provide.

Please note that the durations are just examples, you can book for as long as you need for your course. All prices are shown in Singapore Dollars.

DurationBreakfast & DinnerTeach English
12 weeks8,7314,366
13-52 wks+728 / wk+364 / wk
extra night130 / night65 / night

Other information

If you have specific requirements please speak to us, we can cater for anyone.

  • Vegan, vegetarian, halal and gluten free
  • Other special dietary requirements
  • Allergies: pets or peanuts, we can help
  • More English? Want a family with a basic grasp of English as a back-up? We can arrange this

Included in your Singapore Homestay is:

  • Bedroom with lock
  • Desk, bed & sheets
  • WIFI, heating, air-con and all bills
  • Meals
  • Only one student per homestay

Included in your Teach English Homestay is:

  • Bedroom with all amenities
  • Bills
  • Breakfast and dinner
  • A family member to teach English to


80% of students choose a homestay, so where do the rest stay?

The remaining 20% of students stay in our apartment or select their own accommodation.

Do I get a house key?

Yes, you do

Is it a problem if I arrive home late?

As long as you show respect, be quiet, and don’t make a racket then this is fine.

How do you match student with family?

We speak to you and get to know you before you come here. What makes you tick, what you like, what you dislike, what you need, what you want. All this allows us to make the perfect match.

Can I change my homestay if I have a problem?

You can yes, but speak to us and we’ll try and find a way to resolve it.

This very. very rarely happens but if the situation is particularly poor we will be able to assist you.

What about getting to LTL Singapore on my first day?

Your host family will bring you, or at least give clear directions on your first day.

TEACH ENGLISH – Must I be a native speaker to teach English?

No but you should have a good grasp of English which is something we can discuss on the phone when arranging your course.

Do you have many host families?

Across all our locations we have a large pool of host families, who, when they join us, often stay with us for a long time.

We are looking for new host families every single week in a bid to try and bring you the widest options to cater for every possible situation.

Does the bedroom door lock?

Yes, it does

Can someone come and stay in my room?

No this is not possible and disrespectful to your host family.

Do I receive information about my host family before arriving?

Yes, we will send you an information pack via email.

Can I stay in a homestay and not book a Chinese course?

No we keep homestays specifically for our students.

TEACH ENGLISH – What is the schedule?

It will change from family to family. Ultimately it’s something for you both to discuss, whether it be 1 x 6 hour class on a Sunday, or 3 x 2 hour classes on weeknights. You will figure something out that suits you both.

TEACH ENGLISH – Do I need teaching materials or a teaching qualification?

No, the family will provide the materials they want to use and there is no need for any formal qualification.

What Our Students Said

Marlene Testimony for LTL
★ ★ ★ ★ ★

My host family, consisting of host father, host mother and 3-year-old host brother, gave me a warm welcome. My host mother showed me around on the first day and bought the most important things with me, such as a SIM card. They often take me to taste traditional dishes such as hotpot, but I can also go on family trips.

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