11 Singapore Podcasts To Keep You Entertained

Singapore Podcasts You Must Listen To (in 2022)

Singapore Podcasts are a great way to keep an ear to the ground on all things Singapore. They can be entertaining, kill some time and best of all give incredible insights into Singapore’s people, culture, news and more.

A bonus for listening to Singapore Podcasts is hearing Singaporeans talk unfiltered.

What do I mean by that?

If you’ve read our Singapore Langauge blog, you’ll know there is a sliding scale of Singlish to English which Singaporeans will shift between depending on their listener.

Singapore Podcast

Like any language, there is the formal version and a localised version.

Two or more Singaporean’s speaking in full Singlish mode would be almost unrecognisable to an outsider. You would understand most of the words but the speed they’re talking, slang and new grammatical structures will throw you off.

Singapore Language - Singlish English Scale
Singapore Language – Singlish English Scale

In 2020 I’ve found this more true than ever with masks required to help control COVID.

Not seeing the mouth movements of someone talking to you has made it particularly hard to understand the locals.

It turns out this is a very underrated element to understanding people, who knew?!

Singapore podcasts are a fantastic way to get your ears accustomed to the Singapore Singlish.

There are elements of Chinese grammatical structures in Singaporean’s English, local expressions, and often locals can talk fast when talking passionately.

I’m a native English speaker, and I find myself on the backfoot of a conversation in Singapore as my brain takes that extra few seconds to interpret a Singlish sentence.

However, as we know already, the more you listen, talk and Live The Language, the better you get!

Let’s breakdown our top 11 Singapore podcasts for your enjoyment.

Singapore Podcasts #1: ADOSSIER

ADOSSIER is a Singapore podcast hosted by Singaporean Shida. She describes her podcast as like listening to your ‘imaginary adult friend that curates you through minutes of sanity’.

Shida is witty, funny and can bring you entertaining and thought-provoking content on topics like love, career, social dilemmas, artificial intelligence, YouTube and more.


Singapore Podcasts #2: Economical Rice Podcast

The Economical Rice Podcast is a Singapore podcast run by Singaporean Danny Koordi.

As the name would imply, Danny runs a podcast that ‘shares insights and discusses issues relating to finance, economics’ and give additional insights into Singapore.

Danny works with KPMG and assesses companies financial health.

He doesn’t have a regular uploading schedule, but when he does release new episodes, you can be sure it will be filled with great financial insights in Singapore and help you find your feet in the world of finance in Singapore.


Singapore Podcast #3: Hidden Among Us

If you haven’t listened to a True Crime podcast, do you even podcast?

There are almost too many True Crime podcasts to choose from. If you’re a big fan of the genre, you’ll have plenty of podcasters and stories to search.

If you want to listen to a Singapore true-crime podcast, look no further than Hidden Among Us.


Singapore Podcasts #4: LongKangKittes Podcast

The LongKangKittes Podcast is a local podcast run by 4 Singaporeans Jon, Dan, Angie, and Jerry who describe their podcast as ‘3 guys and a gal who barely know each other get into intense arguments about social-political subjects, particularly in Singapore.

Having listened to them for a while now, I can honestly say that is an honest description, the part of the arguing.

I’m sure they do know each other quite well after nearly 100 episodes.

This group of misfits don’t hold back on their opinions and telling the other one is wrong.

The LongKangKittes Podcast is great for a few reasons. Firstly, the hosts are hilarious you’ll be having a few laugh out loud moments, so be warned if you’re listening in public.

They don’t shy away from using explicit language, noting too crazy just the odd F or S bomb, so maybe listen with your headphones.

The next thing to love about them is getting to hear locals talk about the issues of the day.

While you might not agree with everything they say, it’s undeniably fascinating listening to a conversation of 4 young Singaporeans talking about elections, laws, culture and more.


#5: Misfits – Wisdom From Unconventional Individuals

Misfits is a podcast run and hosted by Singaporean Bryan Victor.

He describes his podcast as ‘conversations with the rebels, the outliners and the unconventional, these people are the folks who see things differently, who have gone off the beaten path and found their pursuit’.

True to his promise he’s delivered some great content with conversations with entrepreneurs, CEOs, best selling authors, celebrities and more.

The episodes are long, but the conversations are fascinating, so it’s worth a listen when you’re looking to kill some time with a quality Singapore podcast.


Singapore Podcasts #6: Not Again Podcast

Gary, a Singaporean stand-up comedian and host the Not Again Podcast describes his show as a place where he ‘tries to figure his life out’.

He talks to artists, musicians, stand-up comics and others who he finds interesting and can have a candid conversation.

His goal is to speak with as many people as he can on various subjects and ‘hopefully learn how to navigate through life while being funny at the same time’.

True to his description, he has hosted some talented guests and keep show pretty light-hearted, and the conversations can go anywhere from politics, music, the economy, fitness and more.


Singapore Podcast #7: Political Agenda

Political Agenda is a podcast run by the news publication New Naratif.

The podcast is hosted by PJ Thum but will always have a supporting guest to talk about all things politics and current affairs.

The Political Agenda Singapore podcast is a more refined and professional podcast than most.

They have built a great brand around the podcast and for that reason can feature some great guests such as politicians, philosophers, professors, artists and more.


Singapore Podcasts #8: Randomly Relatable SG

Randomly Relatable SG is hosted by Shuraim, Uwais and Sabrina and release three episodes per week.

As you might have guessed from the title of the Singapore podcast, Randomly Relatable SG don’t centre around anything in particular.

Ranked as the Number #1 Youth Podcast they’re focused mainly on pop-culture and but won’t shy away from big news headlines in Singapore and the world.

Some exciting topics you’ll hear them talking about in recent episodes are about Singapore’s banning of pornhub, being transgender in Singapore, social media, dating, elections and more! No topic is off-limits.

Again a great podcast to stay up to date on trends, listen to Singaporean’s opinions on various topics and have a laugh.


#9: Lords of Lobang

Lords of Lobang is a podcast run by 3 Singaporean friends. Their podcast is self-described as ‘a weekly podcast where we discuss sports, politics and our inner demons’.

Lords of Lobang has quite a chill and mellow feel to the show.

They are a funny group of guys having the same conversation you would expect to hear at a bar but on a podcast.

You won’t get current affairs or financial advice from the Lords of Lobang, but you will undoubtedly get some cultural insights and a few laughs listening to this Singapore podcast.


#10: The Thirsty Sisters

The Thirsty Sisters is a podcast run by Sylvia and Nina and describe themselves as not your typical influencers and invite you to join their journey to quench their never-ending thirst for knowledge, success and men.

The show is exciting, and the two sisters have terrific banter between them.


#11: Yah Lah BUT…

Yah Lah BUT… is run by to guys Haresh & Terence who describe their podcast as ‘the most uncensored conversations about censorable things coming out from the much-censored country of Singapore’.

Together the dynamic duo discusses all the headlines in Singapore.

Yah Lah BUT… is a great way to absorb all the news headlines coming out of Singapore but also get an honest, unfiltered opinion by the locals.

With multiple weekly episodes, you’ll never be without quality relevant content from comedians Haresh & Terence.

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Singapore Podcasts – FAQ’s

What are some Singapore News Podcasts?

Some good international podcasts for Singapore news are Global News Podcast by BBC World Service, The Economist and The Daily by The New York Times.

For a purely Singapore News related podcast, check out the Straits Times Podcast.

How much does it cost to listen to a podcast?

Podcasts can be free to listen to, but you must endure the ads playing between episodes. However, on if you go premium on your preferred podcast platform, you can do away with the ads.

Spotify in Singapore will cost you 9.90 SGD per month.

Who are the top podcasters in Singapore?

According to Spotify stats, The Thirsty Sisters have the most listened to English speaking podcast. Ok Lets Go, and Malam Seram are the two most popular podcasts in Singapore but are in Hindi.

How do you start a podcast in Singapore?

Singapore doesn’t have any internet restrictions on podcasting websites.

You can record, upload and create a podcast in Singapore as quickly as you would most countries.

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