14 Singapore Vlogs You Need To Watch (in 2022)

A Great Guide to the Very Best Singapore Vlogs

Looking for Singapore vlogs on YouTube?

Sometimes the search results in YouTube can be a little confusing when trying to search for Singapore vlogs. Typically, it will be the latest content from vloggers with a large number of subscribers hogging the top positions of the YouTube search.

Check out the best Singapore vlogs by category:

Singapore Travel Vlogs

Expat Singapore Vlogs

Singaporean Vloggers

Don’t get me wrong, the travel vlogs are fantastic and borderline cinematic.

We’ll cover some of the greatest videos from these guys. However, there are some incredible Singapore vlogs to be found who’s content you can keep watching all year long.

Finally, who better to show you Singapore on their vlog than a Singaporean?

Should you learn Chinese in Singapore?

Singapore Travel Vlog [Episode 1]

When it comes to travel vloggers, there are some big names in the game.

  1. Mark Wiens in Singapore (5.6 million subscribers)
  2. Fun for Lous in Singapore (2 million)
  3. Lost Leblanc in Singapore (1.4 million)
  4. VagaBrothers in Singapore (1 million)
  5. Hey Nadine in Singapore (480 thousand)

The BIG question is… Have they made any Singapore vlogs?

Yes, yes, yes, yes and yes.

Singapore on World Map

Can you really call yourself a travel vlogger and not go to Singapore? Well maybe you can but it’s pretty hard to avoid Singapore when and if you’re travelling Asia.

Singapore has the largest airport in the region. Meaning if you’re travelling a long distance to south-east Asia or Australia.

Good luck avoiding Singapore!

Singapore is the launching pad for most international flights in Asia. With so many inbound and outbound flights. They’re usually your cheapest and most convenient option in and out.

Why visit Singapore?

Also, it doesn’t hurt Changi Airport being ranked the best airport in the world year after year. Their latest jewel is literally called ‘Jewel’ a nature-themed entertainment and retail complex with world’s tallest indoor waterfall!

Don’t worry there is no shortage of Singapore vlogs on Changi Airport!


Swipe to see more pictures of it!

#SingaporeFactNo.15 65.6 million passengers pass through Changi Airport airport a year. 

Mark Wiens in Singapore

Mark Wiens is food vloggers. That might be an understatement, he’s debatably one of the greatest food vloggers in the world! What sets him so far apart is his willingness to go the extra mile (literally).

Here’s our favourite clip from one of his Singapore vlogs discussing the Old Airport Road Hawker Centre Food.

Fun for Louis in Singapore

Is a channel run by Louis Cole, an English born Youtube Vlogger whose travels have taken him to over 70 countries! If you don’t follow him you might recognise his face from your travel research as there is a good chance he has been to the places you want to visit.

Here is one of his Singapore vlogs exoring gardens by the bay.

Lost Leblanc in Singapore

Christian LeBlanc is a talented filmmaker born and raised in Canada. He’s channel has an impressive 682 uploads for you to explore the world through his lens.

Here he is at that infamous Changi Airport.

VagaBrothers in Singapore

Brothers Alex and Marko run the VagaBrothers channel. They’re on a mission to explore the world and encourage you to do the same.

They go the extra mile to be as informative in their travels as possible. Sometimes it feels like you’re on a lonely planet travel experience through their channel.

In this Singapore vlog they breakdown their top things to do in Singapore. How does it compare to our list of things to do in Singapore?

Hey Nadine in Singapore

Nadine Sykora runs the Hey Nadine channel. She has great insights, tips, tricks and more for travelling. She has been to over 50 countries and offers plenty of travel hacks!

She has several Singapore vlogs for you to enjoy. Here she is 9 years later talking about how much Singapore has changed over the years.

Expat’s Singapore Vlogs

Expat vloggers in Singapore are a great way to see more of Singapore. While they cover a lot of the same content as the bigger YouTubers. They have the advantage of being in town a lot longer.

Meaning, there are plenty of niche things they can dive into as well as explore other things like living and working in Singapore.

Here are our favourites in no particular order.


Sherry runs her Youtube channel called Sherrybyw. She has featured episodes talking about working in Singapore, speaking mandarin, fitness and finance.

Overall really interesting content and gives you a closer look at expat life in Singapore.

Georgia Caney

Georgia is a professional YouTuber Influencer. Her channel is dedicated to travel and lifestyle. She even has an E-book guide to Singapore. Georgia is the perfect example of a vlogger who’s in town for a while longer and can show you more interesting and niche things that the bigger guys don’t have time to get around to.

Here she is exploring the trendy neighbourhood of Tiong Bahru.

Simply Jean

Jean runs a small YouTube channel in Singapore. She’s Chinese American living in Singapore. All of her content dating back to when she started talks about Singapore. While her following might small, it’s fair to say she has covered almost all topics and questions you would have about being in Singapore.

Here she is talking about the Singapore metro. How does it compart to our guide?

Ruchika Batra

Ruchika covers topics about wellbeing and Singapore. She is of Indian heritage which gives her the ability to give really unique insights into Singapore and it’s the Indian community. She talks about meditation, yoga, social norms, shopping, cost of living an more.

Here she is discussing something very important to newcomers, the cost of living in Singapore.

Ghib Ojisan

Gib is an influencer from Japan. He speaks both Japanise and English in his videos but he likes to include subtitles on all his videos making them accessible to all (love your work Ghib). He’s been here for a while so there is loads of insights to Singapore to be found on Ghib’s channel.

Here he is in the Jenga condo… You’ll understand why it’s called that when you see it.

The final two influencers we’re going to be discussing have since moved from Singapore.

But that doesn’t mean their content isn’t still relevant!

It just means you’ll have to scroll a little further to enjoy it.


Brianna is from America and spent about a year in Singapore. She made loads of great content for us to dive a little deeper into where to go, what to do and how to live in Singapore.

One thing we really appreciated was her leading the way for the vegetarians in Singapore! Explore Singapore a couple of years back with her Singapore vlogs.


Here’s our guide for the vegetarians and vegans in China.

Currently Hannah

Hanna has since moved to Japan, however, she left loads of great Singapore vlogs while living and working here. She started her channel soon after moving to Singapore to work as a performer at Universal studios. So scroll down to her very first video an look for some titles of interest. If you want to visit Singapore, she will have definitely created content to your liking.

Here she is at the highest pool in the world.

Singaporean Vloggers

There is one last level to Singapore Vlogs. It doesn’t get any better than seeing the world of Singapore through a Singaporean vlogger!


HA! I get it.

Shawn is a Musician and a travel filmmaker. Born and raised in Singapore. He has made loads of content in his own backyard. There are great clips from all over the island. It’s like having your own local guide on YouTube.

On this Singapore vlog, he shows us Pulau Ubin a part of Singapore that your average tourist doesn’t get to see!

Eden Ang

Edan is a local celebrity starring in the drama series Tanglin. He also has his own YouTube channel where he makes comedy videos and gives some cool insights to Singapore. Here he is talking to local indoor skydiving champion Kyra Poh.

Sometimes he steps away from the comedy to make Singapore vlogs.

If you find yourself in Sentosa it’s worth seeing the indoor skydiving studio they have! Or watch Kyra on it now!

Singapore Blogs

Singapore Blogs

100 Singapore blogs for your enjoyment.

Singapore Podcasts

Singapore Podcasts

11 Singapore Podcasts to stay informed of all things Singapore.

Singapore Apps

Singapore Apps

35 apps to help make life in Singapore a little easier. Maps, food, entertainment and more!

Singapore Vloggers – FAQ’s

Is vlogging popular in Singapore?

Yes, many travel vloggers choose to come to Singapore to create content.

Also, there are several local Singaporeans and ex-pats creating content on the island.

Where is the best place to find Singapore vlogs?

We’ve put together a collection of all the big travel vloggers who’ve come to Singapore.

As well as some local talent to showcase the very best of Singapore.

Can I vlog in Singapore?

YES! Of course, you are free to film in all public spaces in Singapore.

Where are the best places to vlog in Singapore?

Singapore offers many stunning locations to vlog.

Here’s our list of top attractions to include on your channel.

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