Days, Months & Seasons in Chinese | A Super Simple Guide

Simple Guide to Days, Months & Seasons in Chinese

Welcome to our guide to days in Chinese, Months in Chinese and seasons in Chinese.

Knowing the days, months and seasons in Chinese can be vital to helping you communicate and understand where and when you need to be somewhere.

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Days, Months & Seasons in Chinese – Days in Chinese

Days, Months & Seasons in Chinese – Months in Chinese

Days, Months & Seasons in Chinese – Seasons in Chinese

Days, Months & Seasons in Chinese – Time of Day in Chinese


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Days in Chinese

Day in Chinese 白天 bái tiān

Weekly Calendar in Chinese
Weekly Calendar in Chinese
  • Monday 星期一 xīng qī yī
  • Tuesday 星期二 xīng qī èr
  • Wednesday 星期三 xīng qī sān
  • Thursday 星期四 xīng qī sì
  • Friday 星期五 xīng qī wǔ
  • Saturday 星期六 xīng qī liù
  • Sunday 星期天 xīng qī tiān

Notice something about the days in Chinese? Might help to know the numbers in Chinese if you want to learn the days in Chinese!

Months in Chinese

Month in Chinese 月 yuè

Monthly Calendar in Chinese
  1. January 一月 yī yuè
  2. February 二月 èr yuè
  3. March 三月 sān yuè
  4. April 四月 sì yuè
  5. May 五月 wǔ yuè
  6. June 六月 liù yuè
  7. July 七月 qī yuè
  8. August 八月 bā yuè
  9. September 九月 jiǔ yuè
  10. October 十月shí yuè
  11. November 十一月shí yī yuè
  12. December 十二月shí èr yuè

Seriously, how crucial are numbers to learning days and months in Chinese? Thankfully we have a video to help you out with that.

Seasons in Chinese

Seasons in Chinese 季 jì

  • spring 春天 chūn tiān
  • summer 夏天 xià tiān
  • fall 秋天 qiū tiān
  • winter 冬天 dōng tiān

Do you know how to pack your bags before you come to China? Make sure you read about the weather in China before you come!

More to do with Days in Chinese

Want to get more advanced at talking about the day in Chinese? Here are more ways to help talk to your Chinese friends about times of the day.

  • early morning 清晨 qīng chén
  • morning 早晨 zǎo chén
  • midday 中午 zhōng wǔ
  • evening 晚上 wǎn shàng
  • night 夜晚 yè wǎn
  • midnight 午夜 wǔ yè


sunrise 日出rì chū

dawn 黎明 lí míng

sunset 日落 rì luò

More Vocabulary about the days in Chinese:

today今天 jīn tiān
tomorrow明天 míng tiān
yesterday昨天 zuó tiān
weekend周末 zhōu mò
daily每天的 měi tiān de
weekly每周的 měi zhōu de
week周 zhōu or 星期 xīng qī
last week 上星期 shàng xīng qī
next week下周 xià zhōu
every Tuesday每个星期二 měi gè xīng qī èr

Need to know the public holidays in Singapore?

Better yet you might want to tell your friends it is a ‘public holiday‘ 公共假期 gōnggòng jiàqī and you ‘have the day off‘ 休息日 xiū xī rì

We have a complete guide to Time in China. Here are the keywords and phrases to get you started.

  • second 秒 miǎo
  • minute 分钟 fēn zhōng
  • hour 小时 xiǎo shí
  • in 20 minutes 二十分钟后 èrshí fēnzhōng hòu
  • in an hour 一个小时后 yī gè xiǎo shí hòu

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First Name
十二月(shí èr yuè)

三月 (sān yuè)

上星期 (shàng xīng qī)

日落 (rì luò)

 分钟 (fēn zhōng)

黎明 (lí míng)

冬天 (dōng tiān)

 一个小时后 (yī gè xiǎo shí hòu)

星期天 (xīng qī tiān)

春天 (chūn tiān)

秋天 (qiū tiān)

星期五 (xīng qī wǔ)

 星期六 (xīng qī liù)

七月 (qī yuè)

午夜 (wǔ yè)

秒 (miǎo)

一月 (yī yuè)

每周的 (měi zhōu de)

八月 (bā yuè)

昨天 (zuó tiān)

星期一 (xīng qī yī)

星期四 (xīng qī sì)

中午 (zhōng wǔ)

今天 (jīn tiān)

九月 (jiǔ yuè)

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Days, Months and Seasons in Chinese – FAQ’s

How do you say Spring in Chinese?

Spring in Chinese is…

春天 chūn tiān

How do you say Hour in Chinese?

Hour in Chinese is…

小时 xiǎo shí

How do you say Today in Chinese?

Today in Chinese is…

今天 jīn tiān

How do you say Monday in Chinese?

Monday in Chinese is…

星期一 xīng qī yī

How do you say January in Chinese?

January in Chinese is…

一月 yī yuè

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