Learn Mandarin online with an Online Chinese Tutor all from the comfort of your own home. You might think you need to be in the classroom to learn, we are proving that wrong, one satisfied student at a time.

Taught by some of the best Chinese tutors China has to offer. That’s right! You can connect with an Online Chinese Tutor in China today.

  • Qualified teachers
  • Flexible times
  • Super affordable
  • No hidden fees
  • Online 24/7
  • Re-watch everything

Experienced Teachers

Qualified – All LTL teachers are certified Mandarin teachers
Professional – All classes are well organised & prepared
Fun – Our teachers know enjoyment is key to learning
Experienced – Our teachers have year of experience

24/7 Support

Software – We’re using the quickest online teaching software
Tech Enabled – Whiteboards, chat and recordings
Homework – Re-watch all of your classes whenever you like

Established School

Established – We ranked as one of the best Mandarin Schools
In The Know – Thousands of students have achieved their goals
Size – We have schools in 8 cities as well as our online courses
Reviews – We’ve got a whole load of amazing 5 star reviews

Value For Money

Reasonable PricesCompetitive prices for the best teachers
Money Back Guarantee But we know you’ll love us
Value – The more you buy the bigger the discounts


We believe students should always be using the most up to date technology available when using an online Chinese tutor.

We’re proud to have been at the forefront of technology and online education for 10 years in the world of online Chinese tutors.

With an online Chinese tutor, you will be able to practice your tones, review classes, complete tasks with your tutor and prepare for tests all without having to leave your home.

With LTL you will have access to one of the best Chinese language tutors at prices much more affordable than taking in-person classes.

Despite what many believe, the quality is always up to the highest of standards as well, you will make much more progress than you ever thought possible.


Check out all our online packages below and let us know which ones you are interested in. You will have a reply from your Online Study Advisor within 24 hours on working days.

Online Study Advisors will help you to organise the best course for you, payments and teacher schedule. This can all be arranged within 24 hours!

Online Chinese Classes

Mini – 25 lessons, 2 months

Think of this as the quick boost for your Chinese. It might be our smallest package but we still pack plenty in your course!

You can always buy more classes, though it will cost more as you can gain bigger discounts with bulk purchases.

Standard – 50 lessons, 3 months

By far our most popular online Chinese tutor package. In 50 hours of 1-on-1 classes, you will be able to make a big impact on your progress.

When taken together this program equals two and a half weeks full-time study.

One Level (Sprint) – 75 lessons, 4 months

Challenge yourself to go up a full HSK level with 75 hours! We have seen it done. Get to the next level quickly and efficiently with an Online Chinese Tutor.

Note: the faster you take your classes the quicker you can progress. Studying 75 hours of Chinese within a month will get you much further than if you do it in three.

Online Chinese Classes (100+ lessons)

One Level (Thorough) – 100 lessons, 5 months

100 hours with a Chinese online tutor and you will definitely be moving up a full HSK level with a high score to reflect the time put in.

Two Levels (Sprint) – 150 lessons, 6 months

An online Chinese tutor for this length of time is designed in such a way you will be able to shoot two HSK levels up within one program.

Rise to the challenge and see how far you can improve your Chinese in such little time.

Two Levels (Thorough) 200 lessons, 12 months

Looking for a long term commitment?

Make it up two HSK levels in the one program.

This is suitable if you are busy with work or other studies and cannot schedule your classes intensively. More of a long endurance rather than fast sprint to reach your goals.

Bonus: It is the cheapest program we offer having the lowest hourly price you can get for an hour of class with an LTL Online Chinese tutor.


Our six individual Online courses are available to purchase below. Select the course you wish to purchase, click BUY NOW, fill out the form and is all that’s left is to enter your payment details.

Super quick, super simple sign-up! If you have questions, do not hesitate to contact us using [email protected].

Online 1-on-1 Classes


After a more flexible way to study Chinese? Then you’re in absolutely the perfect place because as of October 2020 we have launched a revolutionary new way to study Mandarin.

Welcome to the LTL Flexi Classes!

Flexi Classes are a completely new way of studying Mandarin online.

In a nutshell, they are small group classes taught by professional teachers that follow whatever schedule you demand.

You can book a Flexi Class whenever you are free, you can cancel it whenever you want and you can study as many or few of them as you like.

Flexi Classes are all real interactive classes taught by a professional Online Chinese Tutor.

Groups are very small, with an average of three students and guaranteed never more than six.


How do I study Online?

We will guide you with the best software for your online classes as well as make recommendations for suitable apps. Check out our recommendations for the right way to study online.

Will there be homework?

How much you want to study outside of classes is up to you. We can give you as much or as little as you like depending on your personal situation and time availability.

That is the biggest advantage of a private online Chinese tutor: the course is fully focused on you and your needs.

How do you teach an online class?

Online Chinese Tutoring is in many ways very similar to normal face to face teaching, however, there are key differences.

Firstly it is very easy to write characters in the chat and share the links of other materials.

There is always an interactive whiteboard allowing you to write together in real-time.

At the same time, your tutor cannot as easily look into your book or any printed out materials that is why we use special teaching materials suitable for online tutoring.

Don’t worry, this is what we do!

A huge advantage of online Mandarin classes is that you can record all classes and review them any time afterwards.

Listening to yourself making mistakes is one of the best ways you can improve!

How long should I study for each session?

We recommend studying anywhere between 1.5 to 2 hours per tutoring session, as it can take time to get your brain into “learning mode”, however shorter classes are an option

Most students take intensive sessions of up to two to four hours.

How long are my classes valid for?

This will depend on the individual packages you have purchased.

We want you to take your classes right away and progress as fast as possible.

However, if you cannot finish your online classes within the specified time frame, don’t worry! We allow for extensions of up to two years.

Are the prices cheap?

That would have to depend on your definition of cheap. 

Compared to non-certified teachers you can find online, perhaps not. However, with no quality controls, you might be waiting for a long time and spending a lot of money trying to find an online Chinese tutor that is right for you.

Compared to a face to face classes studying online with LTL will always be a lot cheaper.

This is because you’re not paying for teachers travel expense or utilising Chinese teachers in expensive cities like Singapore. Our Online Chinese tutors are in mainland China, teaching from their homes and don’t require salaries need for living in an expensive city.

However, at the same time, the quality we offer is exactly the same if you were in one of our classrooms. Same teacher, different medium. 

Check out any review website of our school and teachers. These are the very same teachers!

Our teachers are continuously undergoing training to be the very best they can be online and offline.

What defines a lesson in terms of timing?

One lesson is one hour.

Of course, a lot of our students have several lessons together and usually study for 1.5 to 2 and then take breaks

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