Learn Mandarin in Singapore – Semester

Come to Singapore and study Mandarin for 18 or 36 weeks with our excellent Semester program.

Learn Mandarin in the heart of Singapore, four hours a day, five days a week. Our Semester program runs for 18 weeks and you can even turn it into a “Gap Year” by doubling up to 36 weeks!

Expect to leave with a high level of confidence as you learn Mandarin in Singapore with the best teachers, at the best school

Make friends from all four corners of the world and enjoy being part of a tight knit LTL Family every day.

Mandarin Courses in Singapore

  • Learn Mandarin in Singapore
  • 1 Semester = 18 weeks
  • 2 Semesters = 36 weeks
  • Best value program
  • 4 hours of Chinese a day
  • Mandarin lessons Monday-Friday
  • Classes no bigger than 6 students
  • Average class size of 3
  • All ages and nationalities welcome
  • Best Value

    Best Value

    Don't Miss Out – This is the best value course at LTL

    All Inclusive – Text books and study materials are all included

    Our Team – We've got plenty of people always here to help

    Friends – You'll be making friends worldwide, fast

  • Progress Fast

    Progress Fast

    Small Groups – Everyone gets talking, everyone gets learning

    18 weeks – You can reach HSK3 in this time, maybe even higher?

    Qualified – Only the best teachers work at LTL

    Hour long lessons – So you get full value for money

  • Top Teachers

    Top Teachers

    Experts – They know how to get you ahead fast

    Certified – All our teachers have a degree in teaching Chinese

    Fun, Engaging – Our teachers mix up your lessons, you won't get bored

    Pride and Passion – Once our teachers join us, they generally stay with us

  • Our Family is Your Family

    Our Family is Your Family

    Social Life – Join our weekly events in thriving Singapore

    Enjoy It – Experience Singapore like you never imagined

    Share – Enjoy lunch together. Dinner, drinks, tourism etc

    Diverse – We have hosted students from all around the world

Learn Mandarin in Singapore – Semester with LTL

Semester Program in Singapore

Our Semester program is hugely popular with students of all nationalities and ages.

18 weeks of fixed Mandarin classes, or even 36 weeks if you decide to double up. This represents the best value Mandarin program at LTL, with 4 hours of Mandarin classes everyday from Monday to Friday.

Students generally can expect to reach a HSK 3 level after one complete semester if starting out as a beginner. HSK 4 can be reached after two semesters but remember, this is dependant on the work you put in OUTSIDE of class as much as inside. This is where success is defined.

Our Semester program is unique because:

  • Classes are kept small in size, never more than 6 students
  • All ages are welcomed, this is not just a program for university students
  • All nationalities are welcome, meet people from around the world
  • Our teachers are all fully-certified with years of experience
  • You are part of a very tight-knit community where teachers and staff become your friends
  • Classes are an hour, not just 45 minutes

To speed up your Mandarin even more you can stay with a homestay in Singapore, this allows you to put into practice what you learned at LTL Singapore.

2020/21 Dates and Pricing (Singapore Dollars)

Prices for both Spring and Fall semesters in Singapore are the same, you are welcome to double up and make a 36 week program if you so wish.

Semester 2020 Dates Price (SGD)
Spring Semester 2020 24/02/20 – 26/06/20 6,624SGD
Fall Semester 2020 14/09/20 – 15/01/21 6,624SGD


  • Textbooks and learning materials
  • 24/7 support from all of our team
  • Access to the LTL Social Program
  • Student Visa support

Not included:

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Frequently Asked Questions

I’m a complete beginner, can I come and learn Mandarin in Singapore?

You sure can. In fact, a lot of our students come to LTL as complete beginners so you’ll fit right in.

I am more advanced (HSK4 above), can I take part in the Semester program?

Unfortunately not. As your level is more advanced we do not recommend group classes due to the fact finding people at your exact level is very difficult. You are at a stage in your learning cycle where you need 1-on-1, personalised tutelage.

How many people will be in my class?

We cannot give an exact number per class but it’ll be somewhere between two and six.

What makes the Semester Program a wise choice instead of University?

There are a number of reasons why our Semester Program is the way to go:

  • Smaller Groups
  • More chance to speak
  • More chance to make connections with your teacher
  • More chance to improve YOUR weaknesses
  • Hour long classes, not 45 minutes. Every 4 hours (one day of class), that’s an extra hour.

These things combined make our Semester program superior, we believe!

Can I properly learn Mandarin in Singapore?

Absolutely. Mandarin is actually one of four official languages in Singapore, alongside English, Malay and Tamil.

Mandarin is therefore widely spoken in Singapore, with many Chinese migrating here. The Singaporean government is also pushing the learning of Mandarin instead of other Chinese dialects in a bid to streamline the languages used there.

Can I combine learning in Singapore with a visit to China also?

Sure you can. We can tailor programs to however you please.

For example, you could spend two months in Singapore, and then two months in Beijing/Shanghai.

You could also do a month in Singapore, a month in Taipei and a month in Chengde. With eight cities on offer, there are a whole wealth of choices for you.

Other Programs

  • 1-on-1 Classes


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  • Group Classes


    Enjoy small group Mandarin courses in Singapore which average just three people and never exceed six. Make faster progress than at a university with focused classes.

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