Gap Year in Singapore with LTL

Considering a Gap Year to learn Chinese? Welcome to LTL for the perfect Gap Year in Singapore.

Get ready for the adventure of a lifetime, and take this opportunity to travel all over Singapore and our 7 other cities where anything is possible as you reach for the stars with your Mandarin whilst travelling Asia.

Our variety of gap year programs in Singapore means every person has the chance to personalise their gap year with our Build Your Own Gap Year option.

Singapore Gap Year

  • Gap Year in Singapore
  • Choose from a wide variety of programs
  • Travel Asia, Learn Chinese
  • Experience Mandarin like never before
  • Make friends that last a lifetime

Start your lessons in Singapore to get the basics of the Chinese language and move to Beijing or Shanghai to get work experience in a big, international city.

Why then not move to a smaller Chinese city such as Chengdu right next to the famous giant pandas, Xi’an to discover one of China’s most historic and cultural city, or even to Beihai near beautiful beaches to continue studying Mandarin?

We offer four Gap Year Programs, each different so you can choose what suits you most. After a Gap Year with LTL, all of our students go back home with incredible memories, new friends for life and of course, very strong skills in Mandarin.

  • Gap Year Features

    Gap Year Features

    Choose from Eight Cities – For maximum exposure to life in Asia

    Four Programs – Something for everyone to choose

    Build Your Own – Want a completely personalised experience? No problem, we can help you build it, and live it!

  • Learn Chinese With The Best

    Learn Chinese With The Best

    The Experts – We've been teaching Chinese to foreigners since 2007. We know the road to success and how to get there

    United – At LTL Mandarin School we are one big team, spread all over Asia. We are ALWAYS by your side to help you through

  • Eight Cities

    Eight Cities

    Beijing and Shanghai – Two monstrous cities, yet so contrasting

    Beihai and Taipei – Two cities ideal for beach lovers

    Chengdu and Xi'an – Both full to the brim with Chinese culture and history

    Singapore and Chengde – Worlds apart, yet both amazing places to learn Chinese

  • LTL Support Team

    LTL Support Team

    Staff – Between us, we know China, Taipei and Singapore inside out, we can help

    LTL Family – Staff, teachers and students join forces to socialise every week

    Inclusive – WiFi, drinks and even beer after 5 pm, all included

    Locations – All our schools are ideally located and easy to access for your convenience

China/Singapore Gap Year – Videos from our Students

Singapore Gap Year – What Are My Options?

At LTL, rather than provide you with fixed schedules, we wanted to make the Gap Year in Singapore more unique to each person, especially given the fact everyone is different, has a different story, and has different goals.

Whilst we have a number of set gap year programs, our Build Your Own Gap Year provides you with the chance to mix and match to your hearts content. For example:

  • Individual classes, Group classes, or both?
  • One city, two cities, or eight cities
  • Four weeks, four months or a whole year
  • Live with a Chinese family, stay in one of our apartments, or choose your own accommodation
  • Take advantage of our useful add-ons such as airport pick-up, mobile SIM card etc

Pretty wide range of options right?

So while this might seem overwhelming, that’s OK, it’s exciting and supposed to be. Just remember, we are the experts, so why don’t you get an idea of where you might want to study by checking our Student videos on YouTube, reading up on the cities and then when you have an idea of what you want to do, drop us an email or a phone call, and we can help personalise your program from start to finish, in no time at all.

If you wish to find out more about the three programs above please visit our main website for starting dates, prices and detailed itineraries.

Discover our Gap Year Programs in more detail

Build Your Own Singapore Gap Year

If you want something more flexible, then building year very own Gap year in Singapore is the way to go.

Your program can last anytime up to a year, you can choose to travel to as many cities as you wish, and study in whatever environment you want. It’s the ultimate way to experience Chinese culture, whilst travelling and learning,

To enhance that feel even more, why not stay with a Chinese homestay family? Not sure it’s for you… let’s see what our students said.

What do our Students think about LTL Homestays?

All sounds pretty exciting right?

So let’s give you a couple of Gap year examples to paint a picture of exactly how you can spend your time here in Asia.

Gap Year in Singapore #1

  • Spend your first 8 weeks in Singapore studying Chinese in a small group class, four hours per day every weekday
  • Spend your next 8 weeks in Taipei, take advantage of the 90 day visa waiver and experience traditional Chinese and a super fun and friendly place to be.
  • Now it’s time to head to the mainland with another 8 week spell, this time we split it, 4 weeks in Shanghai, then 4 weeks in the capital, Beijing.

That’s 24 fun-filled weeks, 4 cities and a whole lot of memories. Oh and some arguably great Mandarin skills!

Gap Year in Singapore #2

Learn Chinese in Singapore

  • Enjoy your own Mandarin tutor, with a 4 week intensive 1-on-1 course in Singapore, 30 hours a week, to propel your Chinese ahead fast right from the start.
  • Now you are starting to feel confident with Chinese, let’s head to Xi’an and experience some of China’s most famous sites (the City Wall, Huashan and the Muslim Quarter). In Xi’an you will continue with another 4 weeks intensive 1-on-1 course.
  • 8 weeks down, 8 to go, but this time it’s in Chengde, where no English is spoken whatsoever. It’s all about you improving your Chinese. 8 weeks, intensive individual Chinese, it’ll be an incredible experience, trust us!

You won’t believe how much you’ll have improved by the end of those 16 weeks!

You can also mix in internship and teach English programs too.

Don’t forget the accommodation also, our homestays are the choice of a huge 80% of our students. Why? Because they really do work!

Ready to book?!

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I travel too?

That’s what the gap year is all about!

Sure you’ll have lessons but you’ll have plenty of time to travel either solo or with friends you’ve made at LTL. Our staff will even join sometimes also!

Do you have lessons during Christmas?

We do yes. LTL is open 365 days of the year so lessons are non-stop!

What about costs between cities?

Costs between cities will need to be covered by yourself, this will include flights, trains etc.

What is the age range at LTL?

Although many think LTL is a young school actually we have students of all age ranges here.

In the summer, the average age for sure comes down but in the off-season, you’ll find a wide variety of nationalities and ages at LTL.

Can I become fluent after a year in China?

Fluency doesn’t just happen through attending classes, it has to be earned but after a year or so of study, this is certainly possible.

Things like making Chinese friends, staying with a Chinese homestay, changing your phone language to Chinese all help make a massive impact on your success.

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