Haven’t you heard? Singapore is opening its borders to a handful of countries in 2021 to study Chinese!

We’ve been informed that from September 1st 2021, short term visitors from the following countries/regions may apply to enter Singapore for any purpose of visit.

Brunei, Germany, Hong Kong, Macao, Mainland China (excluding Jiangsu province), New Zealand and Taiwan.

If you are planning to come to Taiwan for your Chinese studies, contact us right now and start planning your next adventure!

In Singapore, we offer small group classes, individual classes and more tailored programs such as business Chinese, spoken-only Chinese and much more. Whatever you want to study, let us know below.

CONTACT US BELOW – if you are want to come to Singapore to study Chinese this year, give us as much detail as possible such as when you hope to start, your current Chinese level, your age and your current location and nationality! All of these are important factors. The more we know, the more we can help get you to Singapore!

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